WITJ Committee

Annie Chang – Founder

Annie Chang is an advocate for women’s participation in the science & technology fields in Japan & Asia. Originally from Taiwan, she has worked for 30 years bringing women into the field and empowering women into leaders of innovation in Japan. In 2013, she founded Women in Technology Japan (WITJ) to further promote women in a time when women’s participation in the workforce is pivotal to Japan’s national economic agenda.

Xinmei Cai
– Senior Advisor

With a BA degree from Middlebury College and MS in Software Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, Xinmei joined Google Mountain View in 2004 after working as a software engineer in Microsoft and subsequently a Silicon Valley startup for 4+ years. She later became the Tech Lead of AdWords International Forms of Payments team. In 2007, Xinmei led the team to receive the Executive Management Group award, and was appointed Engineering Ambassador, moved to Tokyo in 2009, and built up YouTube Japan engineering team, and managed both the YouTube Mobile Site and YouTube Search global focus teams. In mid 2012, she joined Google Maps for Mobile (GMM) as engineering manager.

Kristina Janjetic – VP of Programs

Kristina has over 20 years experience in the IT industry in Japan including Fujitsu, Dell & currently Microsoft. Originally from Australia, she holds a BA in International Relations from the International Christian University (ICU) in Tokyo. She started her IT career in Fujitsu as a Unix engineer and transitioned to a partner sales professional. Her passion is on her children, all children, being a working mum and learning from diverse people who make this world a better place.

Ery Blackstone
– Social Media and Events

Ery Blackstone is Director at Accident Zero Forum, as well as CEO at Business Development Consulting Company. Blackstone began her career as a web designer/programmer. After working for several companies, she joined Netmile, which was established by Japan IT pioneer NetAge. After gaining experience in contents marketing, sales and back office operation and with great support from her supervisors, she became the youngest and first female Senior Manager. Blackstone realized that people could grow and succeed regardless of gender, age or academic background. This experience led her in 2005 to establish a business development consulting company focusing on IT. Now she is engaged in IT business development, marketing, sales, operation systems development, communication improvement, and employee development in various industries.

She met her current business partner and had been working for the Accident Zero Forum project as a consultant since 2017, then she was assigned to be a director(理事) for the organization that is aiming at profit in the future including work style reforms, collaborating with each special field to decrease the traffic accidents; Tech, Investor, Biz developer, Education, Researcher, Automotive industry, etc… Now she is working on developing innovative business ecosystem in cross-cultural environments in order to create a future in which anyone can share their technology, wisdom and education.

Yumiko Inoue – Mentor

Yumiko started her career at Mitsubishi Corporation as an “OL.” Four years later, she left the company and decided to study at a college.She got a job at IBM and worked as a system engineer responsible for local / national government, telecom, and educational institutions.When her husband took an assignment in Luxembourg, she accompanied with him and studied for post graduate degree. She also studied Artificial Intelligence and cognitive science in Belgium from her interest how computers will be integrated into people’s life.—After she returned to Japan, she first enjoyed being a housewife but decided to go back to work and became an IT consultant.—She then moved on to become a project manager, project group head and HR manager in foreign financial institutions. She is currently in charge of project governance. In her personal life, she has been married for 25 years, is a mother triplet (two girls and one boy), loves watching movies, swimming and playing the piano.

Miho Aoki – Career Advisor /Mentoring Service

Leveraging off her 25 years of corporate career experience in 7 different multinational
companies (management consulting, investment banking, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics,
IT consulting, apparel and consumer goods manufacturing) in 6 different functional roles (strategic planning, consulting, sales, marketing, finance, and general management), Miho’s new mission in life is to help other working women in Japan
aspire to and achieve global careers balanced with personal life. As a mother of two daughters (both borne in her 40s), a Japanese national with studying / working experience in the US, and a former senior corporate executive who has led D&I initiatives during her corporate career, she has been mentoring and advising over 100 students and mid-career women on career transitions, building careers in non-Japanese companies, work-life balance, how to succeed as a working mom, and studying / working abroad. Miho currently is a Guest Lecturer at Showa Women’s
University and its officially endorsed mentor. She also serves as a Business Advisory Board member for the US – Japan Council. Miho has a BA from Barnard College, Columbia University and a MBA from Harvard. Starting in 2016, she will be offering career advice / mentoring services to WITJ members free of charge. For more
information, please contact her directly at mihaoki@gmail.com

Mazlina Ariff -Sponsorship

Mazlina came to Japan on an Engineering scholarship and graduated with BS in Electronics Engineering and Computer Science at Kyushu Inst. of Technology. Speaking 4 languages, she starts her career as a programmer and gradually moved to HR working as Global Recruiter & HR Administrator at Toray Industries Inc and now at Microsoft Japan overseeing the hiring of engineers and various other positions.Being a foreign women in Japan IT field and experiencing the lack of women and diversity in the area first hand, she grew passionate in matters of encouraging more women into STEM areas and making work conditions better for women as a HR Professional.

Sonoko Nakada – Administrator

Sonoko is a Consultant at AC Global Solutions. She started her career as a researcher at a marketing research firm. Then she moved on to IT industry and worked as a Marketing Communications Specialist at computer software and internet research companies. She obtained Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing) from Wichita State University in Kansas, U.S.A. She is a Working mother of three children and enjoys raising kids.

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